Office Romance Rules To Live By

Office Romance Rules To Live By

Office dating can sometimes become a complicated matter to those involved. That is the reason why many employees try to avoid it as much as possible. But sometimes, attraction over a fellow office mate can sometimes become too overwhelming to just avoid or neglect. Some will try to go through with a romantic relationship at the office. But there are certain rules to follow to make sure that it all works out fine. Here are some of them.

Be as discreet as possible.

Office gossip can really douse the flames of any office romance. It can cause undue stress and tension at the workplace. For two office mates with a romantic relationship, it helps to be discreet as possible. Try to keep your romance to yourself and not let it become the main topic at the office water cooler talk.

Keep your office computer romance-free.

By being discreet about your relationship, you also need to be careful not to leave any hints for other people to see. Some people may be keeping an office romance a secret. But the sometimes forget to leave it out of the office by using their office computers to relay romantic messages to each other. But it can also get into the hands of management who may be looking into your office correspondence or office computer activity. While you are at it, try to also refrain from broadcasting your romance on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network that you also maintain your professional contacts online. Your office romance can easily be discovered online this way.

Avoid dating your boss at all costs.

Even in the face of romance, rational thinking should always take over. Use your mind before your heart. Avoid trying to date your boss. If you love your job and wish to stay as long as you can, avoid getting into a romantic relationship with your boss. You can get into a lot of complications that can put your career at risk by doing so.

Remain productive at work.

Even if you have been able to keep your workplace romance under the office radar, avoid any suspicions by continuing to be productive and work hard. Avoid daydreaming about your special someone just a couple of cubicles away. Keep your focus at work and try to separate love and work at all times.


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