The Ethics of Office Romance

office romanceDue to the demands of the corporate world as well as our desire to advance our careers, we typically spend most of our time in the office. This set-up inevitably leads us to find an intimate romantic relationship with our officemates. However, dating someone from the office is not as uncomplicated as dating someone who works elsewhere.

In fact, the former arrangement can be bound for trouble if we don’t play our cards well. To avoid such glitches, we should follow a few office romance etiquettes.

First, remember where you are and what your duties and responsibilities as an employee are. Do not make frequent trips to your partner’s office space just so you guys can hold hands and make goo-goo eyes with each other.

Also, bear in mind that public displays of affection are taboo in the workplace. If you want to hug and cuddle with your partner, don’t do it in the confines of the office. There are certain corporate norms to be followed regardless of whether these norms are written or not as part of company policies.

Next, keep everything on a professional level. Do not go about the office wearing your heart on your sleeve. It is not wise to your personal life intrude in your work. Talk to your partner and agree to settle arguments outside the office.

Another thing that you should not allow yourself to do is to allow your romance with your officemate to get in the way of your performance at work. Do not go overboard by lagging behind in your duties and responsibilities just because you are too busy tending to your partner.

Last but not the least, talk to your partner and strike a bargain with him or her so that when your romance turns ugly, neither of you will lose sight of the importance of propriety.

Do not forget that there are some companies who opt to terminate the services of their employees who are allowing their personal lives get in the way of their professional careers. Keep in mind the tips mentioned here to keep out of such mess.


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