Tips for Dating A Co-Worker

shutterstock_160288631Dating a co-worker has its advantages and disadvantages. For those who do, it allows you to be always near each other. You will be able to understand each other’s situations better. But then again it can also be quite risky. It might sometimes affect your work and may put you under scrutiny with your other fellow workers. In order to make this type of relationship successful, here are some tips that you need to consider.

Check the company manual regarding office romance.

Some companies do not permit dating co-workers. Actually, most companies have this policy in place to prevent relationships from affecting work performance. Try to check up on your company’s stand regarding this. You might also consider weighing your options on whether to continue with the relationship. Is he or she worth risking your career for? If you say yes, then there are some other tips that you need to follow. On the other hand, you can either put a halt to it or look for another job to continue your relationship without any more issues like this.

Be discreet about it.

One way to avoid controversy when having an office romance is by trying to keep mum about it. Another instance an office romance will not work is when office gossip gets hold of the relationship. It turns into office fodder that can put quite a lot of pressure on the relationship. Trying to be discreet about dating a co-worker can help a lot in making it last. Keep your relationship a secret so that word does not get into water cooler conversations among your fellow workers. It may be a challenge, but that is what you need to do if you wish to continue such a relationship.

Avoid the preferential treatment.

This is especially true when a person is dating a superior or the other way around. If you are the supervisor or the manager, try to make sure that you avoid giving your partner a distinct advantage over the others for no reason other than that you both have a romantic relationship. This will cause a lot of employee dissent that may affect office performance. Once that gets up to the higher ups, then you may be in a position where you might get fired. The best way to stay fair is to avoid giving or receiving preferential treatment at the office.

Keep work separate from the romance.

It is important to try and keep your work relationship separate from your romantic relationship. If you have disagreements, do not try to bring it at the office. Avoid trying to make your relationship problems spill down to your work environment. Try also to avoid spending time with each other more than what is necessary. It may make other co-workers suspicious that you may actually be having a relationship.


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