Attractive Scale Differences Between Genders

Attractive Scale Differences Between Genders

Becoming attractive is more than just about physical looks. Many people look for other characteristics in others that increase one’s attraction level. The more characteristics or factors a man or woman may have, the higher the place in the attractive scale. But it may be different between the genders. Here are some things that men and women may perceive differently when it comes to attractive level. 

Smile More 

Smiling more for women can help them look more attractive to men. But the opposite is true for men. A smile seems to be seen as a sign of friendliness and that of being sexually receptive, according to studies. And men are more programmed to seek out those women who are more receptive than others. 

Have A Sense Of Humor 

Having a great sense of humor can work differently between men and women when it comes to likability. A sense of humor is a desirable trait that women look for in men. But studies show that it may not be the case for a majority in men. To put it in another way, women like men who are able to make funny jokes, while men like women who are able to laugh at their jokes. 

Being Kind 

Kindness may be an attractive trait. But genders may look at it at different levels. Women may perceive friendliness and kindness as a positive trait when they see it among men. But it may be entirely different from the point of view among many men. Many men may sometimes associate kindness with a sense of indebtedness that they somehow need to repay. It may not necessarily be perceived as an attractive trait by some men especially when they associate it with suspicions. 


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