Common Ways Men Fail At Attracting Women

Common Ways Men Fail At Attracting Women

Attraction is a big part of the dating game. Men who go on dates with several women know a thing or two about attraction. Unfortunately, this does not always translate into better relationships with them. But a big part of any relationship is that initial attraction stage. Men need to know how to develop that attraction for women they like. While some are quite successful in doing so, some men fail at it big time. Here are some common ways many men fail when it comes to attracting women.

Using wrong ways of building attraction
Many men have this notion of what attract women to them. Some believe that it is by how they look. Some men build muscle and a beautiful physique just to attract women. Some men use clothes to get the same effect. Although these things may attract a handful of women, it may not always have that lasting effect. The attraction can sometimes fade once women try to get to know you better. In fact, some women get turned off easily once they realize men only has the looks, but not the brains.

Lack of confidence
Sometimes it is not what you do that fails to attract women. It is how you do it. There are men that are not quite sure what they are doing when they are with the opposite gender. They do not have the confidence to even approach women or start talking to them. They just stand there, hoping that women notice and starts talking with them. That is not the right way to do it. Try to get some confidence to approach women you like. Try to prepare and plan your actions beforehand to help you gain some confidence.

Trying too hard
Some men just cannot attract women no matter how hard they try. But that can also be one reason why some women find some men uninteresting. Some men try too hard to attract women that it becomes very obvious. Some men end up looking desperate that it begins to turn off women. Acting like a sorry dude looking to score chicks is a total turn off.

Giving up too easily
Some men fail to attract women because some stop short in building rapport with then at the initial stages. They do start talking a bit with some women, but then gives up easily thinking that they have no chance. Some even fail making that first move because they feel that they will only get rejected. Hence, they get this idea that they cannot seem to attract any woman they meet.


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