Conversation Ice Breakers

conversation ice breakerFor men, whether it is to make conversation with women or to establish relationships with them, having a knowledge of effective icebreakers may help make things start off on the right footing. How a conversation begins would actually affect what would come between two people. For men trying to make know a gorgeous woman in a nightclub or a party better, knowing what to say in the beginning may help determine success.

Prior to approaching someone at a party or nightclub, men should try to measure up a potential date first before trying to make a conversation. It is important that you first try to learn as much as possible by the visual cues that the woman may be showing.

The woman may show one of two things upon eye to eye contact. She can either be "interested" by displaying some body language such as hair flipping or smiling upon eye contact with you. This might mean that the woman might also show some interest in you.

Otherwise, when the woman seems to show no sign of interest upon initial assessment, it might not necessarily mean that she might not like you. It might just get a bit more difficult trying to make conversation with a woman not showing some bit of interest. This is where the right icebreakers might be put to best use.

There is no secret really to what the top icebreakers out there that men can use to strike up a conversation with women or dates. What is important is having the courage to approach a woman to start off a conversation without having any hangups.

A casual approach to introduce yourself would work fine. That is the first step. It is up to you to always make the first move since women expect it from men. Getting the woman aware of your presence is the first step. Try saying something like, "Hi there. I don’t believe we’ve been introduced. My name is…", and then start off on your conversation.

Some icebreakers work well on a suitable location. When you are at a bar, coffee shop, or a restaurant, a good icebreaker to use is by offering the woman a drink. It may be a classic approach but it usually works most of the time.

You can ask for the waiter to send the woman another round of her favorite drink accompanied by a note, probably with your number included. Have the waiter tell from whom the drinks came from when asked. That might have quite an effect on a woman. If you find yourself having enough courage, you may then approach the woman’s table and then introduce yourself. You can try, "Hope you’ve enjoyed your drink. I’m ……".

Another top icebreaker would be one that can help make the conversation going. Many men always dread striking up a conversation only to have it end after only a minute. This can be a pretty uncomfortable situation.

One way to avoid such conversational traps is by asking open ended questions. This can be questions that can’t be simply answered by a "yes" or a "no". Try to make use of questions that may need some elaboration from her. You can try, "What do you usually do on weekends?".


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