Effective Ways Of Reading Body Language

Effective Ways Of Reading Body Language

Whether you are going on a date or meeting new people, the ability of reading body language can be a useful skill. It will help you see beyond a person’s exterior. Body language can help you determine whether a person is lying or if he or she is attracted to you. Through body language, you can always detect a person’s emotional intent. But you need to become more aware of what to look for. Here are some things you need you look out for when reading body language.

Voice changes indicate interest.

When it comes to showing interest, both genders may sometimes try to show it different ways through body language. Vocal inflection is just one way to help you determine whether a person is showing initial interest or not. For women, interest may be shown on how their voice changes during the conversation. If the woman’s way of talking turn into a singsong manner with frequent rising and falling rhythm, that may be a sign of initial interest. In the case of men, interest may show on how their voice may drop an octave lower than usual.

It is in the eyes.

The eyes can tell you a lot about a person you are meeting. The way they stare can indicate whether they are interested, both in positive and negative ways. In a dating setting, frequency of the eye contact may indicate positive interest. But in a particular instance where a stranger may be fixing an eye into you, it may indicate negative interest or possible disdain, especially if you take other body language signs into account.

On the other hand, the eye contact may also show if the person is feigning interest or is lying. Liars typically avoid eye contact when they lie. But there are others who will try to make eye contact to hide their lies. If someone is trying to maintain eye contact for too long and staying still while doing it, it may be a possible sign of lying.

Laughing at your jokes shows interest.

Humor is a good tool to use to determine a person’s sincerity and interest. If the person you are dating is receptive to your type of humor and laughs with you, it becomes a sign of interest.

Mirroring gestures indicates a mutual connection.

When going on a date, try to observe your partner’s gestures during conversations. If you notice that he or she mirrors what you do, say crossing your arms or combing your hair with your arms while you talk, it may indicate that the conversation is going well and that you are on the same page. People will subconsciously mirror another person’s gesture if they feel a positive connection towards another person.


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