Finding More Dates At Parties

Finding More Dates At Parties

Dating is all about making connections. The ones who are more socially active usually get more dates. It all depends on your approach. Parties make a good opportunity to look for potential dates. Here are some tips to meet people and possible dates at parties.

Try going to parties alone.

Going alone at a party will give you more chances of meeting up new people than if you go as a group or with friends. If you have some company going to a party, your tendency is to stick with the group most of the time. It will prevent you from meeting people in a way. But if you go alone at a party, you are forcing yourself to meet and talk with the other people you do not know there. It will help you become better at meeting people through actual experience.

Enter with a smile for everyone.

When you go to a party, make sure that you bring your best smile along with you. Try to smile and making eye contact with people you see at the party. Whether you know or do not know them is irrelevant. Showing your best smile will indicate that you are approachable. If you may find it difficult to approach people, they might just approach you if you bring that positive aura with you.

Try to choose who you wish to approach.

Remember that you are trying to find a date. That means trying to choose someone close to your ideal. Try to look around the party area to look for the people you would like to approach. Try to find someone who might also be looking back at you. This might indicate interest. Then try to narrow down your choices to three people. You can focus trying to approach them with a handshake. If they give a weak handshake, that usually means that they are not that interested in you. But if you get a firm handshake when you held out your hand, the interest in you is there.

Have a getaway line ready.

Now that you have approached and conversing with someone, you suddenly realize that you may be trapped into a boring conversation. Instead of just bearing with it, try to prepare a getaway line- an excuse for you to get out of the situation politely. It can be something along the lines of going to the bathroom, need to talk with the host or other things that will immediately break off your conversation. Politely excuse yourself and move on. Not only will you spend your time at the party uselessly, it will also help give you more time to meet more people.

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