French Dating Style

France is known as one of the most romantic places in the world where true love blossoms. If you’re American and you’re looking to date French singles, you have to understand first the culture of French dating. Here’s some characteristics of French dating that might help you when you enter the scene.

Dating vs. meeting

For many French people, the concept of dating doesn’t even exist. If a guy asks a girl out for a drink, it’s just a meeting. The guy isn’t asking her out for a date, but only wants to have drink and enjoy the night. In France, a "date" is a code for dinner, flowers, a walk in the park, goodnight kiss, etc. Unlike "meeting," "dating" isn’t spontaneous.

French people are straightforward

French people, especially the men, are very straightforward. So don’t be surprised when you’re in a Paris bar and Frenchmen start to flock you and say "Hey, I think you’re charming." or "I’d like to get to know you more." or "Perhaps we could get a coffee." or "I wanna kiss you." French guys wink at the girls they like; they aren’t shy at all.

Frenchwomen are also usually very direct. If she smiles at a guy and says that she likes him, then she really likes him. Unlike many cultures, love isn’t taboo in France. French people don’t play hard to get. They’re clear and sharp of their pursuing intentions.

French relationships start fast

In America, people usually date for a few weeks or even months before deciding whether to move forward and be in a relationship or not. In France, however, many relationships become "official" right after the first kiss. Relationships start really fast. Be warned, however. If you’re dating a French guy or girl, don’t get involved emotionally too early. In many cases, relationships involving French end just as fast as they start.

French people flirt

When French guys appreciate pretty women, they’re not embarrassed to say so or make some moves. French women can also be coy and flirty when they appreciate gorgeous guys. A smile or a compliment from a French guy might mean he likes to take you out for a date. It might also mean that he just likes the way you look today.

Speed dating

Speed dating has found a new audience in the French dating scene. In France, speed dating is more popularly known as flash or soft dating. In America speed dating usually happens in bars, but in France, it’s usually hosted in homes or back rooms of office buildings.


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