How To Avoid A Bad First Date Experience

How To Avoid A Bad First Date Experience

Dating can be quite exciting and fun. But for most people, the first one can also be stressful and nerve-wrecking. That feeling of not knowing how the first date will end up is what can get into most people’s minds. But there are ways to ensure that the first date does not end up into an awkward situation. Here are some tips that you would want to consider.

Schedule Your First Date In The Morning

If you wish to play it safe when you wish to meet with someone new on a first date, setting the date in the morning may be a good option. That way you won’t be pressured to be too formal for the date. You can feel more comfortable during such dates compared to setting the date in the evenings or dinner time.

Choose A Quiet But Safe Spot For Your First Date

Avoid going to a cinema to watch movies or to a sporting event. The venue can be too loud or both of you can be to engrossed with the movie or the event that you will not have opportunities to engage in conversations. A better option would be having the first date inside a coffee shop or even at a park.

Set The Ground Rules For Your First Date

Even if it is a personal one, make sure that you have established the ground rules for the first date. You can set limitations as to how far you can proceed on a first date. This will ensure that you can prevent getting in too deep of a not so ideal situation during the date.

Prepare An Escape Plan

If you have realized that the first date is not going as you expected, then you might need to prepare a way of escape without being too obvious. You can seek the help of a friend to send you an “emergency” call in case the first date is not going well.

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