How to Get a Woman's Phone Number and E-mail Address

For a lot of men, asking a lady whom he barely met for her phone number can be a scary thing.  If not done well, it leaves them prone to painful rejections.  But some men have come up with smooth moves so not only they could ask for a woman’s phone number, but also for her email address.

Why the email address?  Women tend to appreciate how you have taken the time to think about what you are going to write on your email.  They also find email “less threatening” compared to their phone number, which they have a more personal connection.  Emails can also be accessed and responded at any time, unlike phone calls that work best if you actually reach the intended person and not having to answer voice mail.

So what is the secret?  Here’s how it breaks down.

Break the ice

It starts with ice breakers that sound or appear natural to you.  If you spot a lady at a club, buy her a drink; if she walks around the park with her pet dog, tell her she has a cute dog then admire how she takes care of pets.  Once the awkward tension has died down, introduce your name and offer your hand for a friendly handshake.

Ask just as you leave

After talking to her for a good three to four minutes, she would begin to bid her farewells, saying “It was nice talking to you.”  Just a second after the two of you part ways, turn back and ask her, “Hey! Do you have email?”

Have her write it

If she says yes, ask her if she could write it for you.  Then, while she is writing her email address for you, say “Write your number there too.”  Since she has already provided you her email, she would not take a second guess about giving you another piece of her personal information.  Remember that you are asking if she has email, not if she could give you her email.  It is less threatening that way.

Carry a pen with you

Of course, if you ask her to write her number down, you would not expect her to carry a pen all the time.  Bring out a pen so she could write her contact information for you.  You also need to be choosy about the kind of pen you offer to her.  Chrome pens look better.

But what happens if things do not go your way?  There are ways to go around it.

If the number is actually her voice mail

Before departing with her phone number, ask if that is the number she actually answers and not her voice mail.  If she claims it is her voice mail, put humor about the situation.  Ask her to please write her real number and assure her that you will only call nine times a day.  Laughter ensues and she will give you the actual number.

If she does not have email

Same thing:  Sprinkle some humor into it.  Ask her if she has electricity, then tell her that her regular phone number will do.

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