How to Meet Men at Church

church groupIf you’re a Christian woman and you seem to dislike all of the other men that are outside your church, then maybe you need to start looking in it for some prospects. After all, if you want a man who will treat you right, you should look for that type of man who has values-biblical values at that. So here are some tips for you to follow so you’ll be able to snag the right man of God.

Join a singles group within the church. You might get ahead of yourself and reason that you might just have false pretenses. You should know that every man in attendance is interested in meeting new women.

Attended the services that were held each week. This habit would allow you to see familiar faces and after a time, you’ll go past the hellos and the his and you’ll be able to start conversations with them in the long run.

Volunteer with the church ministries that are available. You will be able to contribute to a worthy cause and you’ll be able to meet a man with a genuine altruistic heart.

You can also ask your pastor or church leader to introduce you to a man at church. You have several churches that encourage fellowship as a way of enlarging your church family and the church leader can be an instrument in developing new godly friendships.

You can suggest that you go out for coffee after church. You have several churches that have a coffee social hour after the service. If you don’t have one, you could arrange one by organizing a small group of friends to discuss the message of the service and maybe extend an invitation to the man of interest.

Join the church choir. You can complement the man on his singing voice. Even if you lack perfect pitch, you could just sing softly and stand on the shoulder of the musical giants.

Go to more than one service during the holidays. If the man who you want to connect with is absent most of the time because of work or other commitments, you could go to more than one service during the holidays. Church attendance increases during the holidays so take advantage of this.



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