How to Meet New People

meet peoplesFinding a date basically starts with meeting new and interesting people, and in doing so you have to get out and make yourself available to new acquaintances. It’s highly unlikely that you would find a hot date while sitting on your couch watching TV or playing video games. Problem is, meeting new people is a battle between confidence and shyness. If you really want to start meeting some nice and surprising people, try making an effort to go out often.

Aside from going out of the house, here are eight more ways in meeting up with new people, and possibly a new date.

Go to a place that interests you – If you enjoy reading, try visiting the local library. If you are into physical sports, consider a sporting goods store. If you like art, then going to a museum is for you. In doing so, you are most likely see people with the same interest as yours. If you found a hot prospect—like a reader planning to borrow a book that you’ve read or when someone is having a hard time choosing the right running store—be bold and approach them. Use your knowledge of the interest as your conversation icebreaker.

Join a volunteer group for a cause that you support – You would meet many people who feel passionately abut the same cause and would instantly have something to talk about. Aside from which, these cause-oriented groups often organize several projects and joining different committees that would allow you to not only help out the group but also meet a variety of new people in the process.

Join a local recreational sports league – Most major cities have leagues available where you can sign up as an individual and fill in on a team that is short a player. Even if the sport is not co-ed, just remember that your teammates may have sisters or female cousins.

Attend religious services – The service itself may be an hour long and does not make you interact with people, but religious groups often participate in a variety of other activities and are usually form committees for these. Signing up for one of these committees affords you the chance of meeting new members of the congregation on an individual basis.

Be involved in local politics – While it may be a touchy subject since many people may have extremely different opinions from yours, you are also likely to meet many people who share opinions similar to yours.

Going to a bar alone – Nightclubs and bars have always been a great place to meet new people, but going there alone—without some friend who would distract from your intentions—may make you meet more people than you would expect.

Attending a wedding or a party – Just because you don’t have a date doesn’t mean you have to pass up on these events. Consider this as going in a bar, only that you know a lot of people there, and they may bring along friend who would be introduced to you.

Attending a sporting event – Aside from finding people with similar interests, having the same favorite sport team gives you an opportunity to celebrate together with your team’s ups and downs.

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