How to Remember Names Effectively

rember names effectivelyHave you ever been on a situation wherein you met someone you personally know while you are walking in the mall but you cannot say or do nothing but a simple hi or a smile because you forgot their name? Or have you ever been cornered in a situation wherein you do not know how to introduce this man you just met to your friends because you suddenly forgot his name?

Most of us had our share of forgetting someone else’s name. How are we going to prevent ourselves from forgetting the names of the person that we met sometime in our lives? The following are the most efficient way of name retention.


According to the linguist the best way to keep a word when learning a new language is through repetition. It has been said that when you use a certain word for five times within a day you will be keeping such word for the rest of your life.

One good example of the said fact is that when we were just a growing up child we are being taught how to speak through mimicking what our parents are telling us. Say for example the famous word mommy we reiterate it until we will be able to be good at saying it and eventually become familiar with it.

Hence, when we meet someone new whether if it is during a party, in the street or in a restaurant you can always repeat their name for you to be familiar with it. Recurring someone else’s name does not have to look annoying for you and the person that you are talking too as there are many ways of doing so.

For one you can repeat their name in your head. If not you can use their name while you are talking to them for instance, "Oh Carol you have a lovely dress! Where did you buy it?" "I’ll see you soon Carol. I had a great time being with you." And just in case that you forgot their name do not hesitate to ask for it again.

Associating names by affiliation

There maybe a lot of Jenny, Martha, Casey, John, Zeth in our lives. Different people may posses the same first name. People who have the same name is not the problem actually but the fact that we may not point which Casey are we talking about with our friends because we forgot their last names.

For this situation, correlating ones name with her affiliation for instance, Casey from Harvard School of Law or Casey from Oxford University, is the one of the best way in reminding ourselves and the person that we are talking to about this certain person that we met.

Associating by character

Another type of familiarizing ourselves with someone else’s name is when we bond their names with the characteristics that they have which stands out the most.

For example, Benelyn brown hair, Glory studious and others. However, be certain that you will not blurt out your mind clues about them especially when the qualities that you are relating their names with are sensitive.


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