Indian Dating Style

You would expect India to be sexy and cool as the Kama Sutra and Bollywood. Apparently however, they have not cracked Hindu morality yet. In today’s highly modernized world, dating in India remains heavily defined by culture and religion.

Dating as a social taboo

India has created an environment that makes men and women shy of making interactions with members of the opposite sex. Traditionally, the male social circle does not include women and vice versa. Thus they are not used to flirting and other types of romantic overtures. India is a culture where mixing of the sexes is seen as a social taboo.

Display of affection

While dating in India is surely catching up, couples are prohibited to kiss or hug in public. You would think that they can do all the smooching and cuddling in private. Well no. If the two persons are not married to each other, they are not suppose to kiss, cuddle, or hug each other – in public or private. Many people found doing just that have been fined.

Obsession with ideas of purity

In a land where almost everything is polluted or watered down, Indian men and women are very obsessed with the concept of purity. Ideas of purity, however, are only applicable to women who are often viewed as a good use for a time and then are defiled for life.

Indian people think that sex should only happen in marriage and that a woman’s reputation and virtue should be carefully guarded. If a woman commits an indiscretion or imprudence, all her sisters are also shamed.

Plenty of strings attached

Those who are not part of the Indian religion, culture, or society usually have a hard time dating Indian guys or girls. And if he or she somehow finds his or her way in, the "love" often comes with plenty of strings attached. For example, an outsider dating an Indian woman means the guy also dating the woman’s entire village.

Marriage as duty

Fixed marriage is commonplace in traditional India, although this arrangement is fast diminishing in popularity. But still, many Indian people believe that dating should lead to marriage, which is seen as a religious duty.

Following the examples of their gods and dieties, including Rama, Hindus should get married and procreate to fulfill their religious obligation and not for their own good. Personal happiness always comes second to this obligation.


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