Meeting New People at the Gym

Gym junkies not only get their bodies in shape at the gym, but they also get to meet like-bodied single people. However, it is also a place where it is easy to get turned off by overconfident beefcakes hitting on women running on treadmills or doll-faced women who are too busy primping when they should have been working out.

Meeting people at the gym is different from seeking for potential dates online or in the bar scene. Here are some helpful tips that work in such situations.

Find the gym with “the right” people – Register in a gym where you feel homey. Generally, an ideal gym is where you wouldn’t feel obligated to make a fuss over appearance every time you work out. Women should stay away from gyms filled with females who look like potential trophy wives, while men should be cautious of places filled with guys who dress to overimpress.

Women shouldn’t wear make-up while working out – Men tend to be attracted to women who are not too particular with their looks, especially when they have to go to the gym without any hint of make-up. Dolled-up ladies at the gym probably have higher maintenance outside the place. The tip is to keep it simple: an athletic tank top covered by a white t-shirt, hair in a ponytail, and just lip balm.

Be friendly and approachable – Do not stay too focused on your woorkout. If someone approaches you, respond with honesty and a friendly manner. No one disturbs a gym goer who is too engrossed in his or her workout.

Choose the right workout – Although there is nothing wrong with doing the workouts you love, you might have to step out of the box if you are seeking for dates. Women should find time on the treadmill or weight room, while men could put their weights down for a while and head over to the cardio circuit.

Go to the gym regularly – The more dedicated you are with your workout, the higher the chances of snagging that date. If you continually see your gym crush every week, there is a better chance he or she will notice you as well.

Up the ante gradually – If you spot someone you would like to go on a date with, start with an exchange of smiles. After a week, perhaps greet your potential date with a friendly hello. A conversation is inevitable over time.

Don’t stalk and over-socialize – You go to the gym for a reason and that is to get in shape, not to go from one area to another hunting for potential dates.

Make that date worth it – You don’t want to make your date awkward enough that he or she would switch gyms afterwards. Both of you have to see whether it is worth to spend time outside the gym.

Source: The Dallas Morning News


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