Prepare to Meet New People

meet peopleYou have decided to go on a date, but you feel like holding on to your past. You have always been afraid of meeting new people despite your determination of finding a date. Could there be something wrong within you? Perhaps you may want to try these suggestions in opening yourself to others and finding yourself an interesting date.

Learn to love yourself

Happy people get more attention. You can attract more people into your life by simply focusing on what makes you happy. Get a piece of paper and write down your practical ideas that can make you happy like getting a hot bath, watering your plants, or eating a bar of chocolate. Then, pick three ideas from this list that you would do each day. Take your time tending to increase your personal joy.

Review your expectations on relationships

If you rely too much on first impressions, shaking your head within seconds of meeting someone, or quickly comparing your date to a checklist describing your "ideal partner," chances are you will not meet your ideal partner. Whenever you are meeting a date for the first time, try letting go of your preconceived notions about who your perfect partner should look like or act like.

Leave the past behind

Cutting your ties with your ex can be a bit contentious for some, but it is an important step in dating. Consider it as a spring cleaning routine, but if you cannot remove your ex from your life – either because you have children together or work in the same office – let your ex out of your life even temporarily.

Do not believe in dating myths

There is no such thing as "all the good ones are taken." Believing in these myths about dating would only provide you with negative impressions about dating. You need to realize that it is about meeting as many interesting people as you can, all while believing that you will meet that special someone.

Eliminate your fear of meeting someone new

Some people tend to feel anxious or upset about meeting new people to date because they feel that they would never meet that special someone, or thinking that they would never be worthy enough to be dated with. However, that inability to risk rejection would only stop them from meeting that potential partner.

Learn how to flirt

Flirting does not mean you would have to be naughty. It is all about showing them how you are interested towards your date. Start with a smile towards everyone you encounter, regardless of who they are. Also, you have to understand other people’s body language to realize if they are flirting towards you as well.

Accept all dates

If someone asks you for coffee, do not think on whether to accept it. It is your responsibility to accept dates, as long as it is safe. After all, it is just a date, not a marriage proposal. It will only take an hour or two, and if you decide that your date is not that special someone, perhaps he or she has friends or relatives whom you may find attractive.


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