Reasons People Make For Staying Single

Reasons People Make For Staying Single

Many people thrive on love and romance. They need relationships just to stay sane and feel accomplished in life at the very least. But unfortunately, some people who may have these aspirations still remain single. It may not only be because potential candidates are hard to come by. There are other reasons why people stay single, both consciously and subconsciously. Here are some of them.

Fear of Rejection

Some people remain helplessly single because of their fears. Some people fear being rejected when they try to make the first move. Their fear of failure in this aspect of life keeps them from meeting possible prospects and establishing relationships. Instead of taking steps, they refrain from moving at all. Their fear keeps them in place and stay single even after all these years.

Too Busy

Some people remain single for a substantial portion of their life because of the career or profession they follow. They focus in on career success as their main goal that they consider themselves too busy for romance or relationships. Every success they get from their careers comes at a cost. They only realize later in life where they missed out on.

Avoid Hurt

Some people stay single because they do not want to get hurt. They may have gone through a painful breakup before that left them in a traumatized state for a long time. They do not want to experience the hurt all over again. It becomes their main reason for staying single.

Can’t Move On

Some people just find it difficult letting go of someone they spent a considerable part of their life with. Even after their relationship ends, they still long for an ex. They feel that if it is not their former partner, then they would rather prefer singlehood. It is quite a perplexing reason, but that is what some people believe is the reason for staying single.

Too Idealistic

Some people have this idea for the perfect partner. There are certain traits and preferences they have in mind when choosing an ideal partner. Unfortunately, their ideals are just too good to be true. Everyone they meet does not qualify based on the standards they set. In the end, they fail to find an ideal partner because they are setting too high a standard in a relationship that is not realistic. Because of this, some people prefer staying single.


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