Reasons Women Date Older Men

shutterstock_116764786Age seems to play a big part in many relationships. In the case of women, there are those who prefer older men. Although this might not be a major preference among women, there are those who prefer men who are five to ten years older as compare to men of the same age. There are several reasons for this. Here are some of them.

Older men are more mature.

Many women believe than older men act more mature in their ways than younger men. Some women just do not want to play the mother figure and take care of younger men who never seem to grow up. Some women feel that older men are more refined in their ways and know how to act in certain situations.

Older men are wiser.

Some women believe that older men are wiser in matters about relationships. Their experiences as well as mistakes are what most women feel make them attractive. Many women feel that they can benefit from the things that they can learn from older men, aside from the fact that most of them are no longer as volatile and wild unlike younger men.

Older men treat women better.

Because of experience on previous relationships, older men are better at treating women. Out of inexperience, many younger men sometimes take this for granted. It is what turns some women off when it comes to dating someone their age or younger. Older men know how to treat women in a way that they want to be treated. This makes women feel more special and wanted.

Older men are more decisive and confident about themselves.

Women are attracted to men who are more confident and know what they want. Insecurities and indecisiveness become such turn offs. Many women seem to find these good qualities in older men. There are no more instances where confusion rules because a young man cannot seem to make up his mind. He still does not know what he wants out of the relationship. This can be frustrating for many women.

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