Should You Lower Your Standards?

The Onion News Network, a satire website, has posted an article about Dating Tips in today’s market. According to the article, dating standards are “at record lows,” recommending readers to “go up to anyone, wherever you are, whatever they look like” among others.

Although the post is written for the sake of humor, it still begs the question: Is it okay to lower your standards in dating?

The fact is that dating should not even have standards to begin with. Attraction is based on what feels right in your mind and heart. It would be ridiculous, for instance, to ditch a beautiful and smart woman just because she studied in a community college, or not go out again with a man who is a little on the heavy side, even though the two of you have good chemistry together.

It would also be boring if you keep on seeking yourself in the opposite sex, that he or she should have the same background and favorites as yours. As stated in the article, it is our differences that make us special. And frankly, that is the only part of the article that is right.

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