Single Vacation

vacationFor some, being single is a curse because you’re missing a great life with a partner. For some, however, being single is a blessing because you get to do whatever you want without much restriction. Of course, single people feel lonely every now and then, but life is beautiful as there are things that perk you up. One such thing is a singles vacation.

Vacations are often associated with families, friends, or couples. But sometimes, many people just want to break free and discover the world on their own. Of course, you don’t want people to see you as a loner freak.

Lucky for you, the singles vacation industry is growing, providing you more and more information about the perfect places and travel package available. Before you pack your bag and leave your house for a singles vacation, you have to know first the four major types of singles vacations. They are: travel tours, resorts, cruises, and matching companies.

Travel tours

You can choose from many singles-only tour groups if you want to enjoy a camel ride tour in the vast desert of Egypt, a trip to an African safari, or a bus tour through the major streets of France. A travel tour arrangement can be a simple gathering or an all-out singles vacation package. While many people traveling solo want to wander around unaccompanied, many people attest that choosing a tour group exclusive to singles can eliminate feelings of isolation.


Many resorts offer singles vacations packages. Numerous resorts are exclusive to vacationing singles, while many other resorts offer special singles-only weeks. You may want to avail of a package that provides all your food, transportation, and lodging.


Perhaps the most popular choice in the industry of singles vacation is the cruise party exclusive to singles. This type of singles vacation is perfect for you if you love the thought of being trapped on a cruise ship with a group of singles. Most major destinations have singles cruises, with each giving you about a week of pure entertainment.

Matching companies

If you want to travel and wish to be matched with other singles, travel companies that provide match-up services is for you. The arrangement in this type of singles vacation does not necessarily mean that the company is finding you a date. Many matching companies match singles who are interested in an independent travel, but who want companions.

Tips when traveling

You have to research on the background of the travel company before you buy a package. Be aware of those organized tours who operate in a shoe-string budget. Scams also abound in the singles vacation industry. Thus, make sure that the travel company is reputable.

In addition, you can also ask friends or acquaintances for referrals as to which company offers the best singles vacation experience. If your main reason for the trip is to look for a potential partner, choose an exciting singles vacation. A fun trip can make you an attractive date. In addition, you can improve the odds by joining a singles-only vacation that has a large group.



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