Starting a Conversation with a Stranger

conversationA romantic relationship starts with a great date, and in order to get a date you need to get to know someone. Most of the time, he or she is a stranger to you and you are in a situation where your prospective date is not in a "dating mood" (like in a park, or a beach).

Starting a conversation to someone you barely know can be a little intimidating, but with these techniques it can be a breeze.

Practice – Start building your confidence by talking positively to a service crew like in a fastfood joint or a cafe. Remember, they are paid to be nice.

Greet – The most basic of icebreakers has got to be "Hi!". Gather enough courage to approach someone and greet her (or him). If she answers back positively, it’s a good start.

Talk about your surroundings – This is usually when men would utter the cheesiest pick-up lines, and most of the time they don’t work. One good way to start a conversation is to talk about the situation you are in (the crowded people in the club, the hot weather on the beach, etc.). You could even make a comment about nothing, as long as you use a bit of humor.

Inquire about something unusual in her appearance – This conversation starter may be applicable to the skillful conversationalists, but you will get the hang of it. Pick up something about her in an instant, like a tattoo, a piece of jewelry, or the color of the dress she is wearing. There has to be a reason why she chose to wear them, and there are pleasant emotions attached to it. Tapping into that "pleasant zone" would get your conversation more favorable.

Ask for a comment from her point-of-view – This could be the easiest way to ease the tension, as everyone even the most senior people in the lot would love to say what is on their minds. Ask about what she thinks about what women value most in a date, or what would make her feel comfortable when talking to someone she doesn’t know, it all depends on the situation and how you handle it.

Introduce yourself – One the "ice" is broken, extend your hand for a friendly handshake and introduce your name to her. If she tell her name, then things are going well.

Talk more – Continue where you have left off, but remember to listen as she talks back. In that way, you get to say what is on your mind, whether to agree with her point-of-view or not for instance.


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