Top Reasons Why Women Reject Men

shutterstock_118623196In the dating game, women usually have the last say in relationships. It is either they accept or reject someone they are dating. When it comes to rejections, here are some of the top reasons that women usually have with regards to turning down their date.

Not Interested

Some men get rejected because some women are just not interested. It can be that plain and simple. There are women who might be busy with work or building up their careers that a relationship is the last thing on their minds.

Not the Type

Another reason why women reject some men is that they are not their type. Women have a certain ideal when it comes to looking for men to date. Some women may try to go out on a date to meet men. But once they find out the men do not fit into their criteria, there is bound to be rejection.

Guy is Not Different From Others

Some women have been into one too many dates to know enough how men really are. They have a better understanding of what most men are like and it is not always good, based on how many times they felt heartbreak. Once women recognize some things in a man that they have experienced on previous failed relationships, they can conclude that you are not any different.

Too Aggressive

Many women like to be swept off their feet. However, getting too aggressive on a woman during a first date can also be a problem. Aggressiveness can intimidate women very easily. It can be enough to get men rejected outright.

Attraction Is Physical

There are some cases where women may feel an attraction to men but still reject them. This may be the case if women feel a physical attraction but is looking for something much deeper than that. When a woman somehow feels that the attraction is purely sexual or physical with little or no emotional investment at all, it may be grounds for rejection. Well, it all depends on what the woman looks for at that particular space and time. But it can be a cause for rejection just the same.

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