Why Are White Men Attracted to Asian Women?

white man asian womanIt started back in World War II, when a few American GIs went back to the United States with Japanese women as their wives. Among them is the mother of journalist Ann Curry, whose marriage with an American soldier was rejected by the military, but Ann’s father, defied the odds and went back to Japan to marry his bride.

At first, some people scoffed these marriages between an American male and an Asian female as simply a novelty. However, as the years pass by more and more American soldiers marry Asian women, mostly Vietnamese, Japanese, and Filipinas where the presence of United States military is significant.

Nowadays, many American women look down on these Asian brides as whores who are out to steal their men from them. At the same time, the liking for Asian women has spread among non-military Americans and you begin to see personal advertisements of men seeking an Asian wife. What do Asian women have that has gotten American men, or even Western men in general, captivated? The following is our analysis on the matter.

Asian women are attentive to their husbands

Some American men who are looking for an Asian woman as their bride is looking forward to have a home where his wife wants to please him, appreciates him, and tries her best to create a harmonious household. Others may see it as having a slave in the house, but Asian culture has taught women to be submissive to their husbands and take care of the house.

It’s not really a bad thing, because Asian women can still establish her own career, but still she tries her best to balance work and family. Meanwhile, men see this effort from Asian women as "traditional family values" that Americans nowadays seem to ignore.

Asian women are "more sexually capable"

For some reason, American men perceive Asian ladies as more active and adventurous when it comes to sex. However, being sexually capable does not involve race. It is just that most Asian women try their best to please their husbands and would submit to almost every sexual whim their husbands ask of them.

Asian women value their marriage

This is especially true among most women from the Philippines, a country where divorce is still illegal. Marriage is considered sacred among Asian cultures, even in countries with significant divorce rates like Japan and South Korea.


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