Why Asian Women Are Looking for American Men?

asian woman american manYou see it in a lot of dating websites featuring Asian women in search of American men. These men even go into lengths of visiting the woman’s home country in order to meet her family. If things go on as well, they are then married in the United States (or in Asia) and start a new life as husband and wife.

There are a lot of stereotypes being thrown at Asian women when it comes to marrying American men, especially from some American women who felt they are being robbed off their men. However, most of these stereotypes are merely exaggerations of reality.

Why do Asian women tend to look for American men-or Western men in general-as husband material? Here is our analysis.

Asian women seek a sincere husband who appreciates them

Asian cultures have taught its women to treat their husbands with respect and appreciation, which American men want to have in their families. However, it is these same values that are being abused and neglected by their Asian husbands, leaving their wives depressed yet try their best to make the marriage work.

Because of this, some Asian women think they would not feel the respect and appreciation they need as wives in their home country, and would have to resort to marrying a foreigner.

Asian women tend to view marrying an American as a ticket out of poverty

Sad, but true. Most Asian women who seek of an American husband usually live in poor countries with extended families to boot.

Because their home countries lack opportunities for these poor people to live within their means, some women resort to finding American men because of a misconception that they are rich.

They seem to have forgotten the fact that some American men are not as rich as they are perceived to be. Some work blue-collar jobs and live on paycheck to paycheck. It is just that they earn more than their counterparts in Asia.

They want to have "beautiful children"

Strange as it may sound, but a few Asian women seek for American husbands-particularly Caucasians-in hopes that they would bear a "good-looking" child.

For some reason only genetics experts can answer, most children from mixed Asian and Caucasian lineages tend to possess the better physical qualities of their parent.


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