Avoid Getting Catfished

Avoid Getting Catfished

Catfishing has become an increasing concern among people who go online dating. This term refers to other people who go online and establish relationships with others by using a fake profile. Many people not careful online can easily be deceived by someone with a fake profile. Once they bite, they are hooked into the lies. Eventually, victims discover the lies, but not before they get catfished.

There are different ways for people to avoid getting catfished. It all is based on the notion that people can easily be anonymous online and can create any type of persona they wish. Having this mindset can help you become extra careful about being deceived online. Here are some other tips that you should also bear in mind.

Be suspicious of instant hookups.
You are active on the online dating scene and meet different people online. Suddenly, someone you did not know before starts contacting you out of the blue. He or she seems to know a lot about you and says all the right things. You begin to feel that this is the right person for you. But should you believe that it is destiny? Beware of the risk you are getting into should you take the bait. You might just get catfished if you do.

Just like in real life, you should also be wary of people who contact you out of the blue. Try to question how they were able to get your contact details or how they came to know about you. In real life, you become suspicious if someone you do not know calls you up out of the blue. You should do the same if you are online. Try to investigate and ask questions to determine if someone is just trying to deceive you.

Always maintain your control over the situation.
Sometimes, the deception is not as simple as just getting people to believe in a relationship. There are people who use the same deception to defraud people out of money. In order to avoid becoming a victim, always try to maintain control over what you do online. Try to set the terms of how you should meet and where. Do not give in easily to their reasons why they cannot. Do not give in to suggestions on what you should do instead. Try to set the pace and plan how you intent to go about confirming a new online relationship. Do not let sob stories or hasty situations get in the way of your common sense.

Secure your personal information online.
The Web has become the world’s largest repository of information. One of the disadvantages is that the information available there may just belong to you. Worse, that information may be something sensitive, personal or private that should be kept in confidence. To avoid being catfished or scammed online, make sure that you secure your private personal information and ensure that it does not go into the hands of scammers. Think twice before you plan to share your personal information online. If you need to, just stay within the bounds of what you can safely share online.


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