Common Lies On Online Dating Profiles

Online dating has become a common method for some people to meet and date. Many online dating sites have become quite popular as a place where people start romantic relationships. Many people believe that they can find their better half or soul mate online nowadays.  It offers the convenience of knowing a possible candidate for love intimately but from a distance. With their only connection going through what is in front of their PC, many people find it a safer means of meeting people. It all starts with a virtual encounter and interaction before the actual one.

While it may be convenient and easier to find dates online, people should be aware about many things. They should know that not everything they read online may be the truth. In the online dating scene, it is common for people to lie about certain information regarding their online profiles. Here are some of the common lies you might encounter.

Person’s Age

When you are reading an online profile on a dating site, you try to look for people who match well with you. One of the things you look for is age. You usually like to find people who are of the same age bracket as you. You have found many interesting prospects. You must still be aware that not all of them are true. Some people lie about their age on their profiles. They do it in order to make their profiles more appealing by listing age as younger. This often applies to both genders with online profiles on dating sites.

Personal Income

Another common lie found on online profiles include one’s personal income. Most men know that money gives them an edge especially when looking for dates. In order to become more attractive on paper, they try to lie about their income in the hope of getting more women interested in them. There are men who tend to lie about their income in order to please the women looking into their online profiles. According to some dating sites, people tend to list their personal income as 40 percent more than the actual on their profiles. You can consider this tip as a way to get a more accurate picture of a person’s income.

Profession or Job Title

Some people also lie about their work or profession on their online profiles. Many men tend to lie about their job title as well as how many people work under them. Most men who lie about their work tend to picture themselves as a confident boss or leader at the office. They try to exaggerate their actual job to make it look like they hold a higher position.

For women, the lies work the opposite way. Many women who lie about their job titles on their online profiles tend to list down a lower position that their actual one. Women downplay their intelligence and skills so that men who look into their profiles will not get intimidated.

When it comes to deciphering the truth from online profiles, make sure that you do not immediately believe everything written on them. Try to take them with a grain of salt, especially if you think that some of the things are just too good to be true.

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