Common Signs Of A Failing Relationship

Common Signs Of A Failing Relationship

Maintaining relationships take work. Sometimes the challenge is too much for some people that they no longer have the motivation or the drive to keep a relationship alive. They remain in the relationship sometimes not knowing that it is already on the verge of failing. There are common signs people should watch out for in order to decide if the relationship is still worth saving. Here are just some of them.

There is some uneasiness being felt.
When you think about your relationship and you have some feeling of uneasiness that you cannot really pinpoint, that may be a sign that a relationship is not working. You no longer seems to feel happy or excited. There is this gut feeling that something is not right. When you have such feelings, then maybe it is time for you to look closer into your relationship and if separating may be the best option available.

Lesser communication with your partner.
You seem to notice that you no longer seem to share more about your day with your partner. Although you are together, you don’t feel the need to share stories or talk about your day. The communication you do have are in the form of short replies. You seem to like the silence more than the talk. This means that there is already a certain disconnect and the relationship may already be on its way down.

You both have secrets you keep from each other.

When you begin to keep secrets from each other, then it may be a sign that you may have developed trust issues. No matter what your reason may be for keeping secrets, the fact that you even decide to do that  may be a sign that you are trying to close a portion of your life from the relationship. When this happens, the relationship may be deteriorating since trust and respect for each other may no longer be there.



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