Common Things Guys Hide From Their Dating Profile

Common Things Guys Hide From Their Dating Profile

Online dating has become a common venue for many people today to find a date and, hopefully, a partner. But for the women, it is not always easy trying to find love online. Searching for that right guy is not always an easy task online. Many girls may be attracted to a guy based on his dating profile. But beware, guys may not necessarily be telling you the truth about themselves based on their online dating profile. Here are just some of the common things guys may hide from their dating profiles.

Relationship Status
Many guys may want to have that taste of adventure, even when they are already in a relationship. In the process, they do not always mention it on their dating profile. What many girls may read is that the guy is single. But many times, girls eventually find out that this may not exactly be true. The word “Single” on the dating profile may not always mean the same thing. Guys can be divorced or just gone through a recent breakup and call themselves single. Many times, these guys may not be the ones you really want to date, with their emotional baggage and all. So the next time you check a guy’s relationship status on his dating profile, take it with a grain of salt.

The Guy’s Actual Age
Hey, even guys can have insecurities. It can be quite ironic when guys try to mention their age on their dating profile. The younger guys tend to bump their age a few years to indicate their maturity through their dating profiles. Older guys try to shave a few years from their actual age to exhibit that younger persona on their dating profile. It can be quite tricky for girls to try and guess a guy’s actual age through their dating profile alone.

A Guy’s Intentions
Another thing that guys usually hide from their dating profile is their actual intention. Most guys create a dating profile to impress and attract girls. But only rarely do they really say what their actual intention may be. Remember, not all the guys on dating sites are actually looking for long-term relationships. A lot of them are there just to be a player in the dating scene. You rarely discover a guy’s intentions through his dating profile. Unfortunately, you will only discover that once you actually meet. But it also helps that before you try to meet a guy you found at an online dating site, make sure you take all the necessary precautions before actually meeting up face to face.

His Profession
In an attempt to impress many women on dating sites, many guys try to inflate their job titles and not really say what they actually do. Do not take what you read from his dating profile at face value. There are many things that guys may not actually say to make a good impression. You may want to do your research and try to get some hints if he is telling the truth or hiding something from you. It will help you in the long run and ensure that you are not tricked into dating a guy who is not actually who he says he is based on his dating profile.


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