Create a Virtual Boyfriend

girl use laptopJust about everything these days has a virtual counterpart. A few years ago, it was virtual pets. Now you can create a virtual boyfriend.

There are several virtual boyfriends available for you. Ranging from full computer programs to a website image, or even a mobile phone game.

Make Your Own Sweetheart

Developed by, this allows you to create a virtual boyfriend to your exact specifications. Start by selecting your sweetheart’s gender, then choose his personality. Is he lean-cut, geeky, wild, or chill? Then finish off his look by choosing his hair length and clothes.

After choosing what he’ll look like, you can now give your boyfriend a name and decide on his interests. The final step is to fill out a form about you. This is to provide conversation fodder for your virtual boyfriend. He will appear on the screen with complements and loving messages. To read new thought from your virtual sweetheart, click the arrow. Suggest topics by clicking on the links to his profile.


Is cell phone game which allows you to "date" five eligible bachelors with different personalities, jobs, etc. to help you find the perfect man for you. There’s the brown-haired Kai who is a 23-year-old venture capitalist who enjoys managing his money.

Then there’s Skylar, a 6-foot 2-inch pilot who likes to go on traveling adventures. You date these handsome bachelor’s by exploring their world, interacting with them and even playing games with them. V-Boy is perfect for girls who like their boyfriends to there whenever they need them.

Sergio Virtual Boyfriend

From the creators of KARI Virtual Girlfriend, comes this fully interactive computer program that you can mold and tweak to be the perfect virtual boyfriend. Sergio uses chatbot technology, which means he learns from your conversations with him. From here, you can mold him into the perfect companion. You can also choose the perfect setting. This game comes with multiple setting which include a bedroom and underneath a starry night sky.

Not to mention the animation and speaking capabilities for a more realistic experience. You can either choose from the program’s basic personality or tweak Sergio’s attributes to make him fit your needs more. Sergio’s level of personalization possible and his communication skills offers true companionship, even it is an electronic one.

Words of caution

Before you create your virtual sweetheart, take some time to consider the reasons why you want to go the electronic route for companionship. If you reason is you just want to try it out as a game and you treat your virtual boyfriend like you would a virtual pet, then you are approaching this endeavor with a healthy attitude.

However, if you are choosing to go virtual because you are not ready for an actual, real-life relationship, then you might want to reconsider. It could be that you are escaping from bigger issues instead of facing them. Opt for online dating sites as your middle-ground. There you can enjoy the comfort and anonymity without closing your doors to a real relationship in the future.

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