Dating Website Connects Travelers Waiting in Airports

Single travelers struggle with a common enemy when waiting for flights: boredom. With nothing to do, you either grab your device (whether it is your smartphone, tablet, or laptop) and let time pass by or check out this dating website that has been the buzz among travelers. helps people get to know each other while waiting for their flights at the airport. The site connects members who are situated in the same airport for a quick, no-pressure dating experience.

Steve Pasternack, the creator of the site, was inspired by his own boredom.

“I was sitting at the airport one day and it was a delayed flight and I’m sitting around bored and I noticed people were sitting around bored also, so they were going to the bars and just looking for something to do, so I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody to talk to,” said Pasternack in an interview with Miami’s Local 10 News.

The website (no app available yet) is free to register, wherein users create profile and provide their interests. For there, they indicate the airport where they are about to depart and get connected with other users. If you find someone interesting, you could simply send a message if they want to meet.

Pasternack added that has a variety of other uses, as members can also use it “for networking, for business, just somebody to chat with to pass the time.”

Source: Local 10 Miami


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