Dealing with Rejections in Online Dating

Online dating deals a lot with correspondence. It starts with a simple “Hello!” on another member’s inbox, hoping you would receive a response. Oftentimes, you do not get a response and you wonder why. Right off the bat, you thought either the other person has rejected you or that they are a douche, but there is no black-and-white in online dating. Anything would have factored why he or she never wrote back. Dating coach Sandy Weiner shares what you should take a perspective on why your online dating life is not successful.

The person you are interested with may not be a paid member – While some dating sites provide access to members for free, some services require some swipes on the credit card, such as reading or responding to messages sent by other members. Do not take it personally if he or she does not write back; check your dating site on the scope of access provided to both free and paid members.

He or she receives too many messages – Just like in real life, a person with good looks, coupled with good education and an active lifestyle receive many messages of adoration. They may not be able to read all of them, so do not take it personally if they haven’t read yours. Instead, keep sending messages to other members.

Your e-mail was not catchy enough – Imagine your are reading a novel and the first few pages do not entice you to read the whole book. It is the same with reading e-mails in dating sites. There are ways to make your e-mails irresistible and catchy, like making it funny enough to give your recipient a chuckle.

Your photos were not great – Humans are visual creatures. To get lots of attention in your online dating profile, you must post your best photos. It does not have to be professionally done; they just have to see your face (with the right amount of make-up for the ladies), under ample lighting, wearing your best outfit and your best smile.

Source: Huffington Post


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