Finding Love Through Facebook

internet datingMore and more people all over the world are drawn into Facebook, a popular social networking website. Not only you could create your online profile, you could also get connected with friends and colleagues. However, some have used Facebook in other means such as finding romance.

Although it is not really an online dating site, some members use Facebook to browse through different profiles of potential mates. They look if the profile picture attracts them, then check out if they have common interests, and start exchanging messages on the wall or giving each other gifts. However, there is one problem: you do not know much about that person in real life.

This is a common problem that we encounter when we are trying to look for romance over the Internet. We only focus on what you have in common, while overlook the deeper and far more fundamental issues that you need to explore before deciding to embark on a relationship. If you want to find out if the person over at Facebook is the right one for you, here are some suggestions you might find handy.

Meet the person in real life

There is nothing more important when it comes to online dating than meeting your potential mate in person. If both of you live in the same local area, arrange a meeting at a public place and see if things go well.

Decide if you find the person attractive

People are not the same in their profile photos compared to real life. You may find that person attractive based on the photos being posted, but you realize once you meet him or her in person that you find the person disappointing.

Likewise, a person may not look attractive to you in photos but you get swept off your feet when you meet each other. However, do not get carried away with first impressions, as a person’s looks may grow on you as a relationship develops.

Find out the person’s core value

You are easily admired over a person’s sense of humor, or how he or she is adventurous based on the photos being posted. However, that is just scratching the surface. What if you find one thing about that person which you think is wrong or, worse, immoral?

Determine the person’s core value by knowing what he or she is constantly sacrificing for. If the person’s core value is adventurism, for instance, he or she might risk an accident in order to speed through an intersection. But if the core value is goodness, he or she might step on the brakes while driving to let an old person cross the street.

Find out if the person treats others courteously

It’s simple analogy, really: If he or she treats others well, that person will treat you well. When you are with this person, pay attention to how they treat other people like waiters, gas station attendants, or bank tellers. Are they courteous or do they like to shout at them. Do not be fooled that the person is nice to you despite the bad behavior, because that characteristic will be geared towards you sooner or later.

Find out if the person has good communication skills

How he or she talks to you should be an important factor in looking for a relationship. This is something that we tend to overlook when reading profiles on Facebook, as we pass wrong grammar, misspelled words, and even what seems to be admirable quotes he or she supposedly wrote but were actually copied from another website.

Make sure when meeting the person that both of you are on the same wavelength so that you do not enter a relationship filled disagreements and awkward moments. Sure, misunderstandings can happen, but make sure that they are relatively infrequent.


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  1. I found love through Facebook and I wasn’t even looking for it. Neither was my now girlfriend. We had one mutual friend on Facebook (my best friend and her ex-colleague), and we were both very happy and content being single. Yet through a simple conversation about tea (the beverage of all things), we sparked up a conversation that led us both to realise we had far too much in common for this to be a chance encounter. The sense of destiny and pre-determination was overpowering for both of us. I’d also been drawn to her profile photo for a full year before we talked, and she says she felt my presence LONG before we first conversed.

    If I could offer one bit of advice to those looking for love, it would be to STOP looking for love. Desperation can lead you to see things in others that just aren’t there. Stop looking, love YOURSELF and love WILL find you.

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