Googling Your Date

Almost everybody in the world is connected through the Internet and almost every information about virtually anybody can be seen.  So it is not surprising that some would use the Internet as a means to check personal backgrounds of different people. However, should we really do background checks on people whom we are about to meet, such as a date?

The online aspects of dating etiquette may be blurred on some points, but in theory, it is considered rude for someone to check your personal information without your permission.  Some people call it “research,” but it intruding on other people’s privacy without their consent is something else.

If you are curious to know about your date, ask them.  It is not that hard to ask questions about their family or what they do for a living.  However, if you are interested in finding out about certain records that your date may not admit such as history of drug use or crime record, it may not hurt if you do a little snooping.  The catch is that you need to be sure that you are searching through valid sources.

If you find something incriminating about your date, do not confront your date with it.  Instead, subtly include it in your conversation.  Tell your date about this one time you got a speeding ticket, then ask them whether they had been caught by the police.

Googling your date to check their backgrounds may not be a good idea, but ther are some information that are better learned through other channels.

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