Have a Chat Before Meeting Someone

chatYou have met a new person online and you begin to exchange e-mails. You find him interesting, not only because he is brilliant with the e-mails but you find him cute in his photos. He asks you to meet personally, but before you say yes it is best to get to know him on a deeper level while still online: chat with him.

Why? Although communicating through e-mail can be interesting and fun, it is not a good indication whether you would click with someone on a personal level. You only read what the other person has carefully typed and wanted you to see. Meanwhile, chatting-whether online or even on the phone-is more spontaneous and the reaction is more immediate.

However, that does not mean that chatting brings out the honesty in people but a survey conducted by ComScore Networks indicates that more than 73 percent of chatters are truthful in their dating profiles.

Beyond honesty, there are other more important factors why you need to communicate with your online date in real time. For instance, you need to know if his communication style matches yours, whether his voice sounds pleasant, if he talks too fast, uses inappropriate words among others. You also need to know whether he listens as you talk or he tries to out-talk you.

So before meeting your online date personally, it is best to chat with him over the phone or through VoIP programs like Skype for about 20 minutes or so.

You can block your number if you are concerned about your personal information or sign up for a dating website that offers video and voice chat services. Not only is it sensible, but also a safe precaution. Once you feel something odd or uncomfortable about your online date, you could simply hang up.


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