How To Flirt Online

online flirtingAs with any kind of dating, communication is vital. Whether it is on a face-to-face conversation or chatting through the Internet, what you say—and what you don’t say—may make or break your chances for a successful date.

Online dating opens the field for a lot of people with an opportunity to find fellow singles without the stresses and fears of in-your-face rejection one should expect when in a bar. In order to be able to flirt your way into your online date, here are some dating tips that you should type away.

Be the first to break th ice – Do not be shy into typing an opening greeting to a prospective date. You can start up with a simple “Hi there!” and then work your way into creating a conversation through asking and answering.

Elicit curiosity – Post messages that would provide an intriguing fact about yourself to elicit curiosity, and eventually inspire your online date to respond. Don’t invent yourself into a character that you are not. If you track monkeys with lasers for a living, then post it. Your date might even find it amusing.

Keep your messages open looped – If you are interested with your chatmate, respond by using open-looped dialogue that would end with a question. For instance, your date revealed that he is a mixed martial-arts fighter. You can continue the conversation, and show your interest to his passion, by an open-looped dialogue like: “That’s a cool sport you are into…Have you fought professionally?”

Turn down without being rude – Just like in normal dating, rejection should be handed over politely. In online dating, this is done through posting closed-ended dialogue, in which you reply as if putting an end to the conversation. Using the same example as before, you can turn down your chatmate by replying: “That’s cool. Take it easy.”

Timing is everything – The rule of timing on chatting and e-mail is a little different. For one, you do not need to wait three days to return an e-mail, but you do need to wait more than three minutes if you receive it while you are online. Also, be aware of the time you are going to send the e-mail. Replying to a date’s e-mail at 10 pm on a Saturday night may not send the right message for women.

Be aware of spelling and grammar – People sometimes ignore correct spelling and grammar in the Internet world. However, using complete, correctly-constructed sentences could impress your online date more. It never hurts to run a spell-check or take time to edit your message before sending it. Once you have established a rapport with you online friend, then try relaxing your grammar by using slangs, typing in lower case, and a more casual conversation.

With frequent chatting and practice, eventually you would become an expert flirt in the Internet world as you post flirtatious messages that would surely elicit response.


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