How to Spot an Online Dating Fraud

online datingWith millions of people going to the Internet in search for love and romance, it is unsurprising that online daters usually become victims of different online scams.  Even though you perform every security measure you know, chances are you are probably duped before you even know it.

Internet dating scams come in different forms, from being asked for money then leaving you, to turning your household into a transit point of smuggled goods to Africa.  To avoid become fooled by an Internet fraud through dating sites, you need to take note of the following red flags.

Check how the mail is communicated, not how it is spelled

You do not need to bring out your grammar police badge every time you read an e-mail from an online dater, as a lot of people are not really that good with spelling and grammar, and they may be writing English as a secondary language.  However, do check out how the e-mail is written and see if it is difficult to understand. 

If you are looking for a single woman, you may also need to analyze the tone, language, and style then determine whether the e-mail is written by a male smuggler (or even different people) posing as a woman.

You also need to raise suspicion whenever your e-mails are responded by your online date almost immediately, a sign that the smuggler is in front of the computer the whole time.

The e-mail begins with a sob story

If your online date reveals to you early on the exchange of e-mails that a relative is sick and in need of money to buy medication, it is better to end it right away.  Real online daters never reveal too much about other people other than themselves.

Their information about themselves is sketchy at best

If you notice that your online date does not offer any detailed and personal information about them, or does not answer your e-mails in a personal manner, you need to raise your suspicions.  Several scam e-mails usually copy and paste responses from a predetermined script.

They begin asking you for cash

Once that happens, do not feel responsible that you need to help your online date or her relatives to save their health or lift them out of poverty.  Instead, ignore the e-mail (and hopefully you did not give vital information about yourself such as home address).

The photo is too good to be true

If your online date looks so smashing hot, ask yourself why is she on an online date in the first place when she could have find herself a boyfriend in a bar? 

Although it is true that some models, actors, and other attractive people may look for love through online dating, the likeliness is pretty slim. 

Try asking for other photos of them, or even a photo of them holding out a handwritten note in order to be sure about the other person’s authenticity.


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