How to Write Personal Ads

personal adsPersonal ads is more than just putting your profile in print or online, it’s actually about advertising yourself. Creating a great ad means persuading others to check you out more about your strengths and attributes.

Whether you are writing a personal ad or profile, either for dating sites or even social networking sites, here are some great tips that you can follow for more replies.

Describe yourself as honest as possible – Describe all important physical and social data such as height, weight, body type, eye color, religion, smoking preference, sexual preference, educational background, profession, etc. You may also include your hobbies and interests that you enjoy. However, remember not to share too much information, as you need to include your strengths.

Use more words – If the dating or networking site would ask you for a brief description, it is best to write a short essay about yourself instead of one-liners. Writing more words allows others to find you through a keyword search engine.

Make your ads personal – Add a slight personal touch to your ad to attract more responses compared to those that are cold or too factual. Humor may play an important component, as long as it doesn’t sound cynical, sarcastic, or self-deprecating.

Relate your description to other people – Unless you wanted to date a mad scientist, make your description essay easy-to-read with simple words and easy-to-follow format. One good approach includes describing who you are, where you want to go in life, what makes you laugh, things you enjoy, pet peeves, and what your friends call you as a nickname.

Avoid using sexual connotations – Do not use words and phrases that are sexual in meaning, even if they do seem like a good idea at the time. Be reminded that you aim to look for a long-time partner, not a one-time lover.

Check your grammar and spelling – People tend to judge a profile based on how well it is written. A person that has correct grammar and spelling in his profile can be interpreted as someone intelligent, even if you type the words with one-finger.

Do not create a false impression – As much as you want to impress people using your profile, do your best not to create a false identity or a false impression.

Include what you seek of – It is also traditional to include some information about what kind of person you are hoping to respond in your ad. Example of which is, “I am looking for (or ISO—I seek of) male 25-35 years old who is cultured, well-educated, enjoys drives in the countryside and going to the movies.”

It also helps to write down whether you are looking for friendship, a casual relationship, or a potential marriage partner. Remember not to overdo this by putting too many requirements that would limit your pool of potential mates.

Put up your photo – Uploading your photo in the ad is your decision, but remember that profiles with photos of those who wrote them have more responses than those without. It is human nature for others to want to see with whom exactly they are about to begin a correspondence. If you plan on posting your photo, do put in mind that you should put up your best recent close-up photo.


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