Making a Better Online Dating Profile

More than ever, people are checking out online dating sites–whether on computer or in smartphones–in search for that ideal romantic partner. But with so many online dating profiles, how will you be able to stand out?

You do not need to pretend into someone you are not and even post a photo of someone else. Both are no-no’s anyway and if you practice catfishing on your online dating profile, then shame on you.

Ann Blumenthal Jacobs, co-author of “Love for Grown-Ups: The Garter Brides’ Guide to Marrying for Life When You’ve Already Got a Life,” offers these helpful tips that men and women can apply to their online dating profiles in order to get more responses and possible dates.

Don’t do your profile alone – Jacobs advises to get help in creating your online dating profile. Start by making a list of things that you think tells the story about you, then ask a friend to edit the description, developing and deleting some of the ideas in the process. “It’s easy for you to dismiss some things that you’re too modest to mention, but a good friend will help you out,” Jacobs says.

Be specific on your likes – For instance, when you state on your profile that you like music, indicate the specific genre like “country,” “punk rock,” “electronic dance,” and “blue grass” among others. This tip especially applies when it comes to your favorite sports. Don’t just say you like football, write your favorite team as well.

Be truthful – We have said it before and we say it again: never pretend to be someone you are not. “It doesn’t make sense to lie,” Jacobs says. “You wouldn’t want to be lied to, so don’t do it yourself..” A single lie could ruin your date’s impression of you, especially if you plan on meeting them in the flesh. State your real age, height, weight, even if you have children or you are divorced (just do not write about your ex-spouse, no one wants that).

Post three photos – Uploading just one photo on your online dating profile makes people doubtful about you; putting too much photos makes you seem narcissistic. Three photos are enough, according to Jacobs (or up to five if you cannot help it). Make sure that each photo should be “tastefully sexy.” If you have a pet dog or cat, include them in one of the photos.

Know what you are looking for in a potential date – Just as how specific you should be on your likes, put into detail the things you look for in a potential romantic partner. “If you’re not interested in someone who already has kids, say so. If you don’t care if he has kids, make that clear,” Jacobs says. If you rather not date a person with political beliefs that are different from yours, mention that as well.

Check your grammar – Use spell check before saving that personal description of yourself. It shows how serious you are in this online dating experience. It is also best not to type in all-capital letters (it sounds like you are shouting).

Source: The Huffington Post


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