Meeting People On MySpace

online datingThere are loads of what you can do with your MySpace profile from posting photos, customizing your profile background, adding graphics, and even putting on a music player. And because there are millions of MySpace users, some members use their profiles to attract potential dates. However, you need to plan carefully when designing your profile for dating purposes.

Be aware of what photos you post – Most of MySpace users have that "party animal" persona, but that does not mean you have to put a photo of you holding a can of beer with captions like "I was already wasted" or a picture of you wearing a bikini or, worse, half-naked. It does not give a favorable impression of you. Keep you photos simple. A head shot will do for your profile photo, then post pictures of you doing your favorite hobbies or visiting your favorites sites.

Avoid overdecorating – Although you can post almost every "glitter graphic" or flash messages over your profile, there is such a thing as "too much." Overly-decorated profiles tend to load slower and also quite tacky.

Do not be someone that you do not – Creating an online persona that is completely different from the real you inhibits people to like you for who you are. Being true to your online profile gives you better chances of getting more online friends, as well as finding potential dates.

Avoid giving out too much bulletins – If you get a friend invite and accepted it, do not overload your online friends (one of whom may be your potential date) with unnecessary bulletins and surveys. Making friends goes beyond that. Try sending private messages instead.

Have a diverse group of online friends – If you are a woman looking for a potential date through MySpace, do not single out girls when they are trying to add you as an online friend. Who knows, they may know someone you may like.


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