Mobile Phone Dating

girl talk to phoneDating or rather meeting up with people these days has once again revolutionized by the power of technology. Leave the scary web-based dating as it is so last season. The fad today is dating through SMS.

Mobile dating is not for free. Yet, rest assured that its fee is very much affordable. One does not have to suffer being victimized by several fake or poser accounts and be assured that you will be talking to a real person.

Dating through the web is nice yet again one may encounter several issues such as posers and less intimacy happens as the said person cannot be online at all time. Hence, the interaction is rather limited as it may take the receiver a long time to respond whereas in the mobile phone dating the response is most likely faster.

It is easier for people to talk about themselves honesty to a stranger whom they perceive to be non-judgmental, rather than someone they know well." – as per the psychologist Virginia of California.

One may chose to be anonymous in mobile phone dating until they are already certain to meet someone up or found the person they are talking to very interesting. But of course, having a picture and video about yourself can also be done which will most likely receive more attention.

There are several mobile phone dating providers. PlayDate is a mobile phone dating service that may work with At&T, Dobson, Sprint, Cellular One, T-Mobile and Alltel for $9.99 per month. TextLoveBox goes with Nextel, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, Cellular One and Boost. Meanwhile MySMSChat cost $9.99 per month for Alltel, Cincinnati Bell, T-Mobile users, Sprint PC users, Nextel and Cellular One. It is a spree for Boost users because it is only for $5.99 per month and a bit expensivee for AT&T wireless users as it is for $19.99 per month.


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