Online Dating Dos and Dont's

online datingThere are thousands of people looking for potential partners in the Internet through hundreds of dating sites. With so many personal ads that you need to sort out, you have to learn how to detect the potentially good guys from the not-so.

Post a recent photo and write an honest description of yourself

When posting a personal ad on a dating website, include a photo of you that was taken recently as well as honest description of yourself. You do not have to have a model-like body to get the partner that you deserve. It is better to meet someone to like you for who you are, and not with the fake photo you put on your ad.

Never assume that the other’s photo is up-to-date

Just because you put your recent photo of yourself in the personal ad does not mean that everyone else is practicing this dating etiquette. In fact, some people even resorted to photoshopping their photos, leaving their facial features too glamorized and thus becoming less accurate.

Read the bottom line

Some online daters have a play of words when describing themselves, and you need to learn about reading between the lines. For instance, if he describes himself as "cuddly," he is most likely chubby. Also, if he says that he has been told he’s very good-looking, doubt it.

Never get carried away

Some descriptions in personal ads appear as corny and overused, such as "looking for a lady whom I can snuggle in front of the fireplace" or "enjoying sunset strolls on the beach." They simply type what women want to hear. A perfect personal description is just that, personal.

Never choose your dates solely based on the photos

Accept the reality that online dating is not a paradise of Brad Pitt look-alikes, as most men looking for love on the Internet are most likely have thinning hair and grow love handles. But you know what? You may actually find them pretty charming in person.

From e-mail exchanges to phone conversations

After those first e-mails with each other, recommend to your online date to talk over the phone. Some people are good at writing words that would sweep you off your feet, and some even have friends who serve as their ghost writers. The good thing about talks over the cell phone is that you get to know right away whether your personalities click, as well as checking out if he ever has a personality.

Never disclose any personal information

Any personal information that could lead to your address such as your home phone number, last name, or an e-mail address that includes your last name, should never be brought up to your online date during the early stage of dating. It is better to be safe and instead establish trust with your online date before going to the next level.

Meeting up an online date can be a bit weird

It is normal for an online date when you feel indifferent once you meet him. Your heart may be racing, but your mind thinks like you are looking at a total stranger. That is why you need to take things slowly and never act at the spur of the moment. Do get to know more about him, and never invite him into your house just yet.


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