Online Dating For Dummies

The popular “Dating for Dummies” is back on its third edition. Award-winning radio psychologist and author Joy Browne updated the book with new useful dating tips, including about online dating.

“Literally thousands of folks are out there just waiting to click or be clicked on,” says Browne. “You just have to know how and where to connect, and understand the ‘rules’ before you venture online.”

Here are some of her valuable advice in finding romance and relationships on the Internet.

Be precise to your profile – Write an Internet personal ad or filling out an online dating questionnaire, be as specific and use less words as possible. Indicate what makes you unique from the rest of the guys and gals in the site.

Post an appropriate photo – Although putting up a picture of you is not a requirement in dating sites, the number of responses to your personal ad increases significantly if you do so. In this case, use a fairly recent picture (up to a month old will do), guys should avoid shirtless photos, and ladies should not appear too sexy in the picture (to avoid sending a wrong message),

Check your grammar thoroughly – Look for errors in grammar, spelling, and even punctuation. You can even have someone else proofread for you. You do not want to appear stupid with a poorly-written paragraph.

Lie a little if needed – No one will ever be honest in online dating sites, especially when it comes to revealing a person’s age and weight. You can shave your age off a year or two, but not decades. You also do not have to post your weight, but you need to indicate your true body type.

Do not post your home phone number – When asked for your digits, just provide your cell phone number. Anyone who finds you on the web is a stranger, so keep potential stalkers at bay by not revealing your home number.

Meet in a public place and make sure someone knows where you are – This is an important reminder. Remember that your online date is a stranger, even if you have chatted with the person for so long.

Don’t stay online too long before the meet-up – Studies show that looking at a computer screen gives you a false sense of intimacy, which in effect loses your sense of inhibition. If you are about to meet your online date, talk to the person by phone so you can at least be assured of gender and voice recognition.

Never date online using an office computer – There are so many ways to get online access nowadays. You can buy a cheap laptop, a used computer, or a smartphone. Remember that anything that interferes with work should be a no-no.

Never date online with multiple people at the same time – If you find somebody on the site you think is a keeper, the two of you can agree to take your profiles off the site and allow a more normal dating environment. You can still bring your profile back if things do not work out.

Never use humor or sexual innuendo online – You never know how your online dates will interpret your humor and innuendos. Just keep them until you have face-to-face contact, and we do not mean via webcam. That way, you can see how they will react if you blurt them out.

Source: Michigan Live



  1. You got great tips rolling this alley, if we take off our profile whenever we think someone could work and comes back when they don’t we may as well spend a decade fishing online. wouldn’t it be nice if we just lay out a large net, catch lot of fishes then take a closer look one after the other, what do you think? so many guys think this is the best approach to online dating.

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