Online Dating Goes Offline

A new trend has been growing in online dating, as online dating sites and apps bring people together the retro way–meeting each other in person.

Popular dating websites such as and OkCupid have been hosting old-fashioned in-person meet-ups and get togethers. Mobile apps such as MeetMoi and Crazy Blind Dates connect people within the same area to meet in person for dates.

This trend is supposed to shock us because instead of moving humanity forward, the latest in technology is putting dating back where it came from. However, we cannot consider it a step backwards because online dating was never online per se. We still have to meet that person in the flesh, but this time it is more immediate than usual.

These new online dating apps make use of algorithms to pair people up according on their answers to questions. They also allow users pick future dates based on more than just the way they look, kind of like a digital boyfriend/ girlfriend store. New online dating profiles allow us to look into prospective dates based on their use of emoticons, writing style, and spelling abilities–all of which are really important when looking for someone to meet with romantic intentions.

Once users have chosen their dates, the dating part happens offline, unlike in old dating sites where people meet through chat rooms and web cams. It makes sense actually, since even the highest match percentages do not always work out after the first date.

Source: New York Times, via The Atlantic Wire


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