Online Dating Safety Tips for Seniors

senior datingThe dating scene is not just reserved for the young, but also for the young at heart. Seniors who have been single their whole lives, as well as widows and widowers, still want to have another shot at love and romance. While there are not any venues that directly cater to seniors seeking dates,  they have the Internet to find their love. However, just as with any age, seniors should also be cautious when visiting online dating sites.

Use highly-secured online dating sites

Registering to an online dating website includes filling up your portfolio. However, it is best to read the site’s privacy policy first before putting in your private information. Does the site use photos from actual members when they promote their website on ads?

Is your profile going to be searchable on web browsers like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox? Would your profile become available to other sites and applications aside from the dating website? It is best to look for an online dating site that secures your privacy with an utmost importance.

Be honest, but do not take other people’s profile honestly

Although we advise you to put honest information on your dating profile, a lot of people who visit such sites are not entirely honest.

Some may lie about their real age (and their marital status), post photos of them 10 or so years ago to appear that they are younger than they actually are, or even put photos of other people and pretend that it is them. In reading profiles of potential dates, always be at least a little suspicious, but with perseverance you might just find your almost-perfect date.

Guard your anonymity

There are some information you are not supposed to reveal in your dating portfolio such as your last name, address, office address, phone number, and even names of your parents (especially your mother, as other websites have "What is your mother’s maiden name" as part of their security question in case you forget the password). Also, choose a nickname that you can use for online dating websites.

Ask for a photo, and make sure you give yours

The physical attraction is an inevitable part of the dating game. It is a remnant of how ancient primates choose their mates to ensure better offspring. Many online dating sites provide a space for the portfolio where you can post your own photo.

Even if you cannot post your photo on these sites, you can at least provide your potential date with a recent picture of you when e-mailing him or her for the first time. If that person does not send a photo and makes excuses, forget it.

However, remember to be a little suspicious when viewing a photo, as it could have been taken years ago when they are younger and fitter, or even photoshopped.


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