Online Profile Red Flags

shutterstock_149761406(1)Online dating has become a popular venue where people look to find for love. Although it might come with certain risks, online dating has attracted more and more people to try and find others who may be the right match for them. But a higher level of care may be required for this. People should especially look out for certain clues on online profiles that may be considered as red flags or signs that they may not be honest. Here are some of them.

More Profile Photos, Less Info

People with online profiles who offer more attractive photos than info about themselves may be something of suspect. There are certain unspoken guidelines when it comes to creating online profiles. People who do so may feel that their attractive looks may say it all for them. The less info they give may also mean that they may be hiding something from you, something that they try so hard to avoid others from knowing. And if that someone posts fake images, then you might have a liar or someone who want to deceive.

Relationship Status Revelations

There are also online profiles that may provide a lot of information of themselves. But that does not mean that they are alright. There are people, for example, who are quick to update about their relationship status online, especially if they are already single and ready to mingle. It just goes to show that such people are quick into jumping from one relationship to another. It may suggest someone who may not be that serious about getting into a serious relationship with someone.

Offer Too Much Complimentary Feedback

There are also people who like to offer others great compliments right off the bat, even on people they do not know yet. Some people will offer awesome compliments that will surely stroke your ego. Although it is great to hear or read, they may also be red flags. People who have the habit of showering people with compliments and flattering remarks are usually people who may not have great success in the online dating scene. They are quick to provide effusive flattery as a way to get people to be interested in them. Flattery is used as a tool, in this case, to mislead others. When you receive such form of flattery online and you know that it is not true, consider it as a red flag.

Too Many Bad Date Experiences

You might become interested in someone whose online profile states having a bad date too many. While sharing a bad date experience on an online profile may be totally ok, sharing several of them may indicate someone who may not be good at dating. Although he or she may not say it, the long line of bad dates may indicate a common factor or cause for them- the very person who experienced them. This may be a red flag that you should heed or you may end up on the list.


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