Pitfalls of Texting in Dating

textingFor many of us, texting is the most convenient form of communicating. It is not only useful but fun as well, especially in dating. Using text messaging to play the dating game can and often result to disaster.

There are some things that makes texting great for dating-they can be used in notifying or confirming. But keep in mind that there is a thin line dividing text messaging and dating. Here are some tips on how to prevent that dream date end up in catastrophe.

Misinterpreting Jokes

Tone is the most important tool when sending text messages. It helps someone understand the implications of your words. Jokes, for one, are best said than written. So whenever you send someone a joke, there is a possibility he or she might misinterpret it.

Canceling Dates Through Text

This is not just considered rude; it is, , immature as well. Men who are so well-accustomed in doing this may appear not as manly enough. If you do not want to see someone again or that you really have to cancel the date, call, don’t text.

Texting vs Calling

Asking someone out through text may provide a hint that you are disinterested. It is better that you call them–girls preferred to be called. They might say yes, but, really, they would like guys to pick up the phone. For you guys, that is a fact.

Texting The Morning After The Date

If you’re used to doing this, avoid it. A great date last night is something that’s good to talk about in the morning, but make sure you wait for a few hours. Let that happy memory sink in first. Besides, doing this will only make you look apprehensive.

Avoid Over-texting

Gotten in good terms with each other? Is the conversation going well? That’s great then. But it would even be greater if you build an even deeper connection with each other. The best way to find out is to call. That’s what adults do, talking in person.

Failing To Get An Answer

Prior to the date, it is best that you get to know first what the person you’re talking to is doing. Texting is so impersonal that you don’t even have a clue what has happened to them. They might have fallen asleep, gone busy on a certain task. There are millions of possibilities.

Getting Crazy for Wondering

The first rule of dating is getting a response from the other party. But what if she’s gotten busy over something? Or some situation has come up that she doesn’t have time to reply to you? Mind you, that is no small thing. That can even drive you nuts. Who would have known that dating can make you act like a paranoid? Of course, it has to be those who date via text messages.

In a small and simple premise, it can be said that dating is fun. So it would be better if you are knowledgeable of the inconveniences of dating through text. These may even serve as your etiquette in engaging such a thing. Besides, wouldn’t it be enjoyable to put that fun into your own advantage?


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