Should You Hire an Online Dating Consultant?

Online dating consultant at work.When it comes to finding romance online, your profile could make or break your chances. While we have recommended that other people should write the profile on your behalf, like a friend or a relative, there are actually firms that offer consultation services to help your dating profile stand out in the very crowded online dating scene.

“Most people are not very good at online dating,” Evan Marc Katz, founder of the e-dating consulting service eCyrano, tells Metro New York. “It’s like the gym. You don’t lose weight by signing up for the gym. That’s why people hire personal trainer–to show them how to use the equipment.”

Katz’s company rewrites their clients’ online dating profiles based on the answers they provided in a lengthy questionnaire and phone calls. His team of freelance writers assures clients of profiles that look more authentic than what most users write for themselves.

Katz explains that a lot of online-dating failures have to do with people’s unrealistic expectations. “Online dating gives people the illusion of choice, not actual choice,” he says.

Apart from editing your profile, there is also the problem of presenting your best photo. Apparently, there are also consultants for that, such as New York Image Consultant that offer a $1,500 Re-Imaging package, which include hairstyling and makeup for photos in various outfits and poses, as well as Photoshopping.

Consultant Amanda Sanders explains the rationale behind her service: “The reality is, they choose your picture over someone else’s because it captures their eye. The text isn’t as important as the visual aspect.”

Of course, these consultants could only do much. How you deal with the responses and eventual face-to-face dates will be entirely up to you.



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