Social Network Don’ts If You Are In A Relationship

shutterstock_146881868Online social networks have become popular among people. It is a place on the Web where people get to interact with friends, colleagues and family members online. It is also a venue where relationships start. People meet with other people within their network. Sometimes, romance can blossom. That is why what you do on social networks becomes a very big deal when you are in a relationship. Here are some things that you should avoid doing on or with your online social network while you are in a relationship.

Deny your current relationship status on your social network.

Since online interaction has become such a big deal, your partner may want to seek acknowledgement from both your physical and online friends. Trying to deny your current relationship may not sit well with your partner. There are obvious and subtle ways you might be doing this. Some people deny the relationship outright while others just simply do not provide any evidence of their relationship on their online social network. Both cases will indicate denial and it will not sit well with any partner.

Adding friends of your partner without even meeting them.

Some people can become too overly excited about being in a relationship. Some people may tend to show it too much for comfort. Some begin adding friends of their partner without their knowledge. Avoid doing this, especially if you have not been introduced to each other yet. It might cause some unwanted tension not only between you, your partner and his or her friends.

Keep online photos of your past relationships.

Even if you feel that it is just part of your past, keeping mementos of your past relationships such as photos in your social network account may not be a wise idea. Even if you say that you do not go back and look at the old photos, it may send the wrong signal to other people. Not only will your partner see them, other people within your social network can see them as well. If you and your partner start sharing common online friends, things may go from bad to worse. You will be better off deleting those old photos from your account before it creates trouble without even meaning to.

Fight online.

The problem with online social networks today is that it becomes a public venue where people tend to share every aspect of their lives to their online friends. But sharing your relationship conflicts by fighting online with your partner is not always a good idea. Your petty fights become online public fodder that both your online friends can feast upon. Fighting with your partner online gives you an audience that will reap only humiliation upon your actions. If you are in a real relationship, have real conversations to resolve the conflict. You do not have to share it with your online friends to make your relationship more entertaining.


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