Spotting a Sex Addict Online

Although online dating has given many hopeless romantics an opportunity to find their romantic partners, you cannot be sure if that guy on the dating profile is as good as how he describes himself. The Internet is a vast ocean of sorts that connects different sorts of people, including the not-so-desirable ones.

In an interview with the Washington Times, Michael Leahy, a self-confessed “recovering sex addict,” shares his experience and valuable tips to women on how to tell if that guy you are chatting with turns out to be someone like him, a guy who only wants a girl just for the sex and not for an exclusive romantic relationship.

Here are some red flags to spot a guy online with a potential to be or is a sexual addict.

“Avoid finding yourself in a skimpy bathing suit, stretching out on a boat.” – Women should choose carefully what photos to post. Only upload the ones where you are dressed modestly or classy, which were taken in settings where your true characters come out (this means studio shots are out). You may be tempted to post photos of you that show off a lot of skin, but that could send out the wrong message to men viewing your profile. The rule of thumb, according to Leahy, is that the more skin you bare, the nearer you get within the sex addicts’ reach.

“Avoid finding yourself stretched out on a boat 20, 30, or 40 times.” – The more photos you post on your dating profile, the more “desperate” you seem to appear. Simply put up a few good ones and save the rest for later.

“Avoid men who talk too good.” – Leahy advises women not to fall for men who seem to have a flowery tongue. He says that sex addicts live in a vivid fantasy world and they commonly write poetry or sugar-coated e-mails in an effort to snare your romantic heart.

“Avoid guys who are not on Facebook.” – Men who try to escape their all-consuming sexual behavior do so by leaving online dating sites and even social networking sites. Probably it is because they do not want to leave traces of their identity or do not want to be followed by their amorous partners.



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